Relations between Trilt and investors
Trilt and client:
1. Trilt will examine the requests received by clients for the
opening of new accounts in accordance with the customer
instructions and the company’s procedure and authorities
directives. After the validation process if the client successfully
registered with Trilt, Trilt will handle the client trading
transactions request with professionalism and according the
regulations, and completed the execution venue with the
liquidity provider.
2. Trilt will provide to clients with statistics on account/s, and
safeguard of all transactions and immediate access to the clients.
3. Trilt operates under the Market in Financial Instruments (MiFID)
of the European Economic Area, so the clients are required to
comply with the vast majority of regulations, thus it determines
that we would not accept customers from all regions, and we
may also stop continuing to accept some client’s conflict with
the regulations.
4. For clients with objections, Trilt will handle by following the
European directives for Financial Instruments, CySEC directives
and the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.
5. In case clients have dissenting opinions, we will ultimately
propose the best alternative solution and if not satisfied they
have the right to follow the company’s complaint procedure.
Client and Trilt:
1. The clients shall provide to the company complete and correct
information for the appropriateness procedure and account opening
validation process.
2. The clients shall be fully responsible for their own transactions,
and safeguard of passwords.
3. The clients should understood that Trilt limited is a legal entity
registered in Cyprus and the company is obliged to apply the
Europeans and Local directives and law. Trilt will perform the
anti-money laundering and KYC (know your customer) process
based on the related regulations and directives, and therefore,
we may need to ask you for additional personal and financial
information at any given time.
4. The clients must notified Trilt support team with immediate effect
for any inquiry or queries. Trilt will handle your request and put in a
top priority for processing.